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Kaus is an insurance company that has been in the business for over 30 years. They have been working through regional agents, selling the policies to them instead of directly to customers. They provide all types of insurance for individuals: property, motor, liability, marine, aviation, life, health, and protection. They know young people are more digital than ever and they want to tap into that market but they also know insurance is not easy and they are open to breaking industry standards in favour of a good and easy experience.

The Challenge

Kaus needs to be more efficient and keep their rates lower than the competitors, they want to sell prepared packages instead of fully customised options. The company needs to develop a product to sell insurance policies online to younger generations in a way that easy to understand.


Identify what motivates young generations to purchase insurances. Focus on customer’s preferences and needs when searching for insurances.


Role: UX/UI Designer
Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Whimsical
Timeline: 4 weeks (May 2021)

Analysis & Research


- Determine what type of insurance customers purchase.
- Work on finding pain points when choosing and purchasing insurance services
- Determine reasons for people to get insured
- Find what motivates people to change insurance companies
- Determine what motivates younger generations to get insurance policies
- Analyse how competitors face this problem


Secondary Research: collect data that researched by others previously to deepen my understanding of the problem space. Focussed on existing data, like Deloitte's Covid-19 reports to increase the overall effectiveness of research.
Competitive Analysis: provide strategic insights into the features, functions, flows, and feelings evoked by the design solutions of insurance competitors. Analysing younger insurance companies as direct and non-direct competitors.
Individual Interviews: one-on-one online and in-person sessions to gather information about the insurance research and purchase process.

Secondary Research Findings

- COVID-19 pandemic offers an opportunity for the industry with new societal realities and market needs.
-  As the broader economy recovers and responds to the pandemic, insurers will face a number of challenges but also see many new opportunities in the medium to long term. See Deloitte's reports which outline a number of key impacts and actions being taken across the industry globally in response to the Covid-19 crisis.
- In an age of immediacy, constant change and overwhelming choice where loyalty is no longer a given.
- A rapidly changing industry needs innovative solutions.

Competitive Analysis

Analysing how direct and other competitors approach the problem will help Kaus to gain valuable insight into the market, identify the strengths and weaknesses of their products, and develop effective product strategies to create winning results.

User Interviews

One to one  interviews conducted over zoom calls and in-person to gather essential information about the target audience, focusing on the use of websites, behaviour patterns and habits when researching and purchasing insurance.

User Persona

Based on the research and user interviews the persona created represents the needs of a larger group group of users and has common goals that outline the ideal customer’s goals, pain points, behaviour, and demographic information. This archetypical user has helped to define and design the final product.

Interviews Findings

User's needs

- All participants needed more transparency from insurance companies
- All participants used online tools when researching
- All participants needed friends’ recommendations
- They all needed advisors who could explain key concepts (either online or face to face)
- All participants needed seriousness and efficiency in the research process


- All participants found there’re too many options on the market
- All participants found the research process frustrating due to lack of clear information
- All participants found it hard to make claims
- They all found insurance fees too expensive


- All participants highlighted their well-being is the most important thing in their lives.
- All participants were worried about economic issues
- All participants were concerned about unexpected events in life (health, well-being, financially)

Empathy map

Based on the interviews and the user persona document, the empathy map below shows the frustrations and motivations of a particular type of user. It has been used to gain deeper insight into insured customers as well as to visualise possible ways of addressing the user's frustrations.

Research Summary

- Most people get frustrated when researching insurance.
- All of my interviewees used their laptops or desktop computers.
- They get confused by the amount of information provided.
- All of them had some level of difficulty finding the details of their policies.
- They confirmed insurance companies don’t have the best reputation.
- Some of them felt uncomfortable given details to advisors prior to purchase.


Kaus needs to build the trust of their customers by offering an easier navigation journey on their site and app. They need to be proactive in communicating terms and conditions information to their customers and offer less frustrating research and purchase process.

Design Research & Prototyping


The sitemap shows the different options the user will have once on the homepage, it reflects the needs of the participants interviewed, emphasising help and instant quote sections and focussing on the organisation of information provided by the insurance company.

Task flow

It shows the journey a user might have when purchasing insurance for the first time. Starting from the homepage and assuming the potential user will be interested in finding information about health insurance first, will carry on the task setting up an account and will finish purchasing an insurance package.

User flow

The user flow below shows the possible steps of the archetypical user might take when accessing the company's website. It shows the users starting and endpoints (yellow circle) when using the website to purchase insurance (homepage and email confirmation respectively). The green diamond indicates users decisions (based on interviews), the blue square indicates user's actions (based on user's motivations). The pink squares indicate the different pages the user will visit once the actions have been taken.


The design was first approached in greys focussed on the pages participants most valued when interviewed. Being the homepage, help page, about page, instant quote form and user's dashboard the main focus. The content has been organised based on the research stage focusing on user's interests and needs.


The colours and imagery chosen for the mood board are based on the company's need for a youthful and modern look. Vibrant colours and photos of young people will be the main elements on the company's website.

Logo Creation

The process shows how the first approach focussed on the first letter design. The first idea evolved to the creation of a wordmark thanks to the nature of the company's name. Adding colours in the process has helped to visualise the overall look of the company.

UI kit

Kaus website UI kit shows the main elements and components of the website, emphasising colours and typography as well as the normal, hover, pressed states and dropdown menus.

High Fidelity Prototype- First Draft

Homepage & Help

Kaus' homepage focusses on showing the main elements and features for an easy an intuitive navigation. The cta button will take the user into the Instant Quote form, followed by a step-guide when accessing the service using mobile, a most popular products section and customers reviews. The help page provides clear access to FAQ about different policies and shows the option the user will have when contacting the customer service.

About & Instant Quote Form

The about page provides information about the company as well as their story. The imagery used will help the user to understand the company values, with special focus on diversity and easy approachability. The instant quote form has been designed to gather essential information about the policies the user might be interested in, keeping it short and concise for effectiveness and success.

Usability Testing Planning

Test Objectives

- Observation of first impressions of the website, feelings, recognition.
- Test the ease of use for the homepage, to get an instant quote, access to help and about us page.
- Identify pain points when completing tasks.
- Determine how users complete the tasks.

Test Subject

- High fidelity prototype of Kaus website, instant quote, help and information about the company access.

Test Methodology

- Unmoderated research remotely over calls with participants sharing their screens.


- Three to five potential participants who already have experienced purchasing insurance aged between 21 and 46 years old.


- Get an instant quote (access to instant quote homepage cta button)
- Select a car insurance option once on the instant quote form.
- Find help and information at any point throughout the process.

Test Goals

- Determine if the user found the instant quote process intuitive and clear.
- Analyse pain points when processing the instant quote.

Usability Testing Findings

The three participants agreed on how easy and clear was to navigate throughout the website. Highlighted the information provided was clear and clean, it was easy to understand. They’ve also agreed the insurance options provided by the company once completing the instant quote were not enough for them to sign up. They all suggested a few options that could be included before signing up that will help the company to get more users:

- More information about coverages and policies
- Promotion packages could be included on homepage
- Include on the instant quote section a range of cheaper insurance options
- More information about what the company offers and coverage conditions

Affinity Map

The affinity map below visually shows the usability tests results, focusing on suggestions and possible solutions that can be implemented in future project iterations.

Priority Revisions


A few changes have been implemented on the home page, based on the usability testing results. The three step guide have been redesigned in order to improve readability. The most popular section has been updated including prices and essential information.

Product Page

This product page will show the user different policies as well as their prices with option of learning more about each product. The aim of this page is to offer competitive options so the user can sign up and have access to more offers.

Instant Quote Results Page

A product page have been added after completing the instant quote form. The new page shows more information about policies, prices and possible extra protection options. The join the community section below will offer the user the possibility of signing up to access to more offers.

Instant Quote Results Page

The quick instant quote form will help the user to discover the most competitive options on the insurance market. The purpose of the form is to give information about what type of policies Kaus will be able to provide and to give the option of joining the community to access to more information and possible final purchases.

View Final Prototype

Next Steps & Conclusion

Kaus Insurance website has been designed to improve the insurance purchasing experience, to be able to offer the users a successful experience the project should be updated including:
- Perform another usability test based on new arrangements
- Design responsive prototypes
- Design user’s dashboard  
- Prepare handoff to engineers and product managers

Designing for Kaus have taught me to establish priorities for every stage in the design process. In the initial phase of the project, I performed a competitor analysis which showed me how young and modern companies are facing the challenges of the insurance industry. That inspired me to create a different look, based on what the target audience is most interested in visually. After carrying out the research study I realised users will be interested in seeing more clarity in the way insurance companies offer their products. The challenge for me was to get rid of unnecessary information that normally overwhelms the user and to incorporate the mush-have features easily and intuitively. On the other side, the company's needs were focused not only to improve the user experience but to get potential customers through the homepage and the instant quote form. While defining the scope of the MVP, I had to make sure everything was also aligned with the major business goal which was to build trust, through the navigation experience. I've learnt that younger generations are not interested in dealing with insurance companies, their priorities are based on clarity of information, easy navigations, competitive offers and referrals. The usability testing results showed me the importance of transparency from the insurance companies and how important is to establish an honest relationship with the customers.

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